International Construction and Interior Exhibition

March 3-6, 2020
Moscow, Crocus Expo, m. Myakinino





Yulia Golavskaya, together with designer Elena Zufarova, within the Integrated Solutions design exposition at BATIMAT RUSSIA 2019, designed the author's stand Camera Obscura. This philosophical living room is universal, and at the same time individual – both for silent contemplation, and for fantasies.

This year, Yana Svetlova, designer and founder of the Yana Svetlova Wallcoverings name brand (, took part in the BATIMAT RUSSIA exhibition. She introduced the concept of a boutique hotel called COSMOS. “When entering a hotel room, the guest merges into the universe of comfort and design, created specifically for him. My task was to look beyond the event horizon and create a space of the future, combining elements of a fairy tale and cosmic futurism, state-of-the-art pieces of furniture and decor, as well as elements vaguely resembling the past,” the project designer says.

The Moscow Flower Show has never seen anything like that before. The alien garden in the style of Burning Man and Marvel films was made by interior designers Irina Chun, Anna Erman and landscape designer Milena Borisova. Their project features futuristic art objects, exclusive outdoor furniture and designer lighting, which were specially developed for this event. The SPACE BEACH 3019 concept – the combination of the newest technologies in furniture industry and professional work in landscape space design – was awarded with a gold medal as the Best Art Object.

Modern technologies are increasingly frequently finding their place in the projects of architects and designers. Innovative solutions allow you to make interiors more functional and solve non-trivial tasks. At BATIMAT RUSSIA 2019, the SMART4 company, engaged in the development and implementation of engineering solutions for smart spaces, took part in designing two exhibition stands.

The concept of the stand by the graduates of the DETAILS Interior Design School – Anastasia Surtseva and Anna Zorina, who won first place in the competition previously announced together with the exhibition organizers, was implemented at BATIMAT RUSSIA 2019. The young designers presented a holistic interior of the designer’s kitchen studio.

Victoria Korneeva and Anna Akhremenkova, graduates of the British Higher School of Art and Design and founders of the Shkaf Architects design bureau, took part in the BATIMAT RUSSIA 2019 exhibition with the WELLNESS SPA booth. This is a result of co-creation of designers and large companies.

How to impart personal touch to an interior? Interiors without distinctive personality look dull and depressing. Even low-budget projects can look vibrant and expressive if you add a personal note to them. And we are not talking about framed family photos at all. Unicity and particularity are highly prized. Not just the furnishings should be defined with individual approach, but the room design as well. Wall decoration is one of the ways to emphasize individuality, give the room a finished look, fill the gap and make your interior truly comfortable.

Interior designers Svetlana Shervarli and Ekaterina Tishchenko, founders of the E.S.S.E. Design & Decoration studio, for the first time took part in the BATIMAT RUSSIA exhibition in the Integrated Solutions section with bright and adaptable booth named the Energy of Russian Avant-Garde, where magical transformations took place: from a positive and expressive room it became intimate and mysterious, isolated from natural light.

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