International Construction and Interior Exhibition

March 3-6, 2020
Moscow, Crocus Expo, m. Myakinino





Ar the BATIMAT RUSSIA 2019 exhibition, an interior and product designer Natasha Shevchenko presented the author's stand named Flying. Here she for the first time demonstrated her FLYING FISH collection – a symbol of overcoming and self-confidence. Flying fish became the subject of several collections: tiles, lamps, furniture and decor items for the Italian factory L’Antica Deruta; radiators for the Russian factory Broner; sanitary ware for the Italian factory Artceram.

On March 13, 2019 at the BATIMAT RUSSIA international construction and interior exhibition, the famous Russian designer Irina Dymova gave a lecture. She spoke about the role of floor coverings in modern interior, how she manages to achieve the incredible expressiveness of each object and preserve harmony of the interior as a whole. The event was organized by Tarkett, the world leader in floor coverings production for residential and public premises, offering quality and safe solutions for more than 130 years, caring for the improvement of the lives of its customers. For the first time, Tarkett presented digital printing of any pattern on the floorboard, as well as the modularity of laminate flooring, allowing to combine different colors, sizes and designs within one room.

GROHE, a permanent exhibitor at BATIMAT RUSSIA, presented two innovative mixer taps, GROHEAtrioIcon 3D and GROHEAllureBrilliantIcon 3D, made using metal 3D printing technology.

A regular participant of the BATIMAT RUSSIA exhibition, Kirov Ceramics, presented new KIROVIT sanitary ceramic products, PiezaRosa ceramic tiles and ProGRES large-format porcelain stoneware. Visitors, dealers and guests of the stand noted the stylish design and a variety of collections presented.

The prize fund is 1,815,000 rubles

Applications accepted until June 14

The leading Russian manufacturer of ceramic finishing materials and the general partner of the BATIMAT RUSSIA exhibition launched a contest of implemented projects with a prize fund of 1,815,000 rubles. Russian and international projects completed using KERAMA MARAZZI products are accepted for the competition. Above all, the Grand Prix is the exchange of ideas, creative energy and the spirit of healthy competition. Join us – and your work won’t go unnoticed!


The competition is aimed at professional audience and is designed to identify the best author's projects, revealing the potential of using KERAMA MARAZZI ceramic materials in the interior and architecture.

The results of the competition will be announced on July 10, 2019 by publishing on the federal website


  1. Nomination 1: KERAMA MARAZZI materials in private interiors: completed projects of private houses and apartment interiors.
  2. Nomination 2: KERAMA MARAZZI materials in public interiors: completed projects of offices, shops, beauty salons, fitness centers, children's clubs and other public premises, except the hospitality industry.
  3. Nomination 3: KERAMA MARAZZI materials in hospitality industry: cafes, restaurants, hotels (common areas and rooms).

Projects implemented from January 1, 2017 to June 14, 2019 are accepted to the competition.

Please, send your applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. March 25 through June 14, 2019. Projects that participated in previous rounds of KERAMA MARAZZI Grand Prix cannot be resubmitted.


The prize fund of the competition is 1,815,000 Russian rubles.

In each of the nominations, participants compete for 1, 2 and 3 prizes. Five participants who did not win prizes, but got into the first lines of the short list, will be awarded special incentive prizes.

1st place – 250,000 Russian rubles *

2nd place – 100,000 Russian rubles *

3rd place – 80,000 Russian rubles *

Special prize – 35,000 Russian rubles *

* The Organizer is a tax agent in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and withholds the personal income tax at the applicable rate from the paid cash prize.

The thematic stand named ‘Bath in the Garden’ by Anastasia Litvinova, head of the N.Lee design bureau, presented at the BATIMAT RUSSIA exhibition as part of the Integrated Solutions section, was very interesting and ‘lively’. First of all, there were bunnies, cute and fluffy, and many visitors wished to touch them and, of course, to make a photo. And another feature was the stand itself. This location represented the change of time: dawn, morning, afternoon, evening.

The main partner of the stand – the Aledo lighting company, assisted in choosing the correct lighting, controlled via DMX, creating an amazing atmosphere. ‘Bath in the Garden’ installation creates a new non-standard space inside our usual ‘box’, breaking its geometry and personifying a part of nature integrated into the interior, where the bath is located on a soft green lawn, the sound of falling water is heard, the walls are twined with plants, warm and soft light flows. Colors, materials, lighting and accessories make up the complex interior design. The modern approach to rest and care for your body has radically changed the role that the bathroom has played in our lives. It has ceased to be a room associated exclusively with hygiene and daily self-care.

‘Bath in the Garden’ project shows the potential of working with different materials and combining them in one space. Design opportunities are unlimited. You can create a part of nature in the ‘box’, breaking its geometry. Anastasia decided to turn to the topic of unity with wildlife in the interior and to eco-design. But at the same time she reminded that even technical rooms without windows, such as a typical bathroom, can be natural, eco-friendly and spacious.

Stand designer: Anastasia Litvinova and N.Lee professional design bureau team,

Stand partners:

Paint Little Green (UK), Manders,
Translucent partition, Kerrock,
Light, Aledo,
Switches and electrical systems, Jung,
Porcelain stoneware, Kerama Marazzi,
Bath Harmony FS WHITE / kerrock 728, KOLPA,
Table and chairs, Quadro series, SteamWood,

The ATTRIBUT company for the first time participated in BATIMAT RUSSIA 2019 – the largest exhibition of design, construction and interior solutions, with two stands. One of them was the result of collaboration with the famous Russian architect Alexander Erman.

The debut of the Porta Nuova Milano bathroom furniture collection, created by Dima Loginoff and the MIA ITALIA factory, took place at the BATIMAT RUSSIA exhibition. Numerous visitors of the Integrated Solutions section appreciated the new concept and incredible finishes.

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