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Moscow, 2021
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21\18 |Boris Uborevich-Borovsky|

Борис Уборевич-Боровский - проект "21\18"


This concept is a bathroom perceived by a person from the near future. It can be interpreted in different ways, but it will always leave room for new solutions. The geometric, clear, even somewhat pedantic structure of surface division calls for a calming look, drawing attention to the main accentuation – the front wall. The large-format black ceramic granite – the trend of ceramic industry, looks impressive in combination with LED backlighting. The use of various materials and textures in the interior is an art that the author of the project has perfectly demonstrated. The number of shower heads, which is unusually large for such a space, first confuses, but thanks to this the room resembles commune's house or co-living – in this case even such private spaces as shower rooms become public. Going back to classical technology of using the room, we can assume that we free the person from clear paths of spatial movement, monotony and predictability inherent in such functional rooms. A modern individual is free in his desires and space should help him in this.

Product portfolio

Artceram (Italy), artceram.it

  • wall hung toilet bowl and bidet A16
  • pedestal wash basins, SHARP Cisal (Italy), cisal.it
  • built-in ceiling showers with illumination, ZEN SHOWER
  • bidet mixer tap, built-in shower mixer and actuator plate from stainless steel, XION
  • floor mixers for wash basins, matt nickel, STEP