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Reflections on Eternity and Dualism (Maria Romanova)

Reflections on Eternity and Dualism (Maria Romanova)


Maria Romanova:

Eternity is the infinity of existence in time; as an expression of absolute perfection and constancy it can be contrasted with fluid and variable time (the dictionary of philological terms).

Dualism in the general sense recognizes two opposites, unequal to each other, polarities. In a broad sense, dualism (from the Latin word “dualis” – dual) is the coexistence of two different principles, worldviews, images of thoughts, aspirations and other areas of life.

In the understanding of people or according to physical laws, everything in the world has its opposite (encycl.).

The initial motive of dualism is often an attempt to reconcile materialism and idealism. Of course, the separation of mind from matter will lead to idealism. The theories of Plato, Descartes, Jung still occupy the minds of scientists and philosophers.

It is believed that pairs of dualism flow from one area, intersect, affect each other, but do not change their structure.

The duality is good and evil, idea and matter, God and the world, body and mind, existence and thinking, object and item, “presentative” and things, sensuality (ie sensory cognition) and reason, faith and knowledge, natural necessity and freedom.

Metaphysical dualism considers the use of two dissimilar principles to explain reality or some broad aspect of it.

According to this concept, structure of the universe is best explained with the help of elements that are not reducible to each other. Mind and matter are the two elements. The mind presupposes conscious experience, matter exists in space and in motion.

In Plato’s philosophy there are two worlds – ideal and real, they describe the dualism of existence.

I want to talk about the world of ideas and the world of sensible things.

According to Jung's dualism, every person, especially a creative one, is a duality – a synthesis of counterintuitive properties, but depending on the character, either thinking or feeling or intuition will dominate.

Our work, creativity is the synthesis of all of the above.

Is it possible to talk about different types of dualism in relation to the creativity of an architect, a designer? Is dualism a dream or a reality? If it manifests itself, how?

This is a project for a couple, a man and a woman. A couple that is most clearly dualistic in my opinion.

Unity of opposites. I put them in the ideal space. How to be together and not to interfere with each other? How to erase boundaries and distances, complementing each other as individuals, while remaining holistic? How to combine psychologically?

This is a game, a reasoning about the meanings and forms, a grotesque stand.

Being together and looking in one direction – and sometimes in opposite directions. Everyone has his own personal space.

This is a philosophic and timeless concept – as well as materials used in it. However, the marble is a sign of the times in this project.

All the elements that are presented on this stand are eternal and refer to it. Water, Stone, Metal, Air... A man and a woman.

Black and white. Warm and cold. Rigid geometry and amorphousness.

Sensual. Rational. Emotions. Mind.

Space as an eternity. The Galaxy is a heavenly river, a road, opportunities in all their diversity. Arch as a unity, as the triumph of life. Arch is like a portal to infinity. And at the same time it’s an architectural element, always working in different directions.

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