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Feedback 2015

Dear organizers of the exhibition BATIMAT RUSSIA 2015, I want to thank you for the well-organized work and wish all of us further fruitful cooperation and good luck!!!

Maurizio Forte /Embassy of Italy/

No one is invented something to replay real exhibition that in so many sectors are still the keen moment to present new products, to meet your usual customers, to get to know possible additional customers. Also to compare your activity with competitors.

BATIMAT RUSSIA exhibition was one of the most expected events of the year for us. The main reason was not only in the significance of the exhibition, but mostly in the target audience. The exhibition was attended by experts of different profiles. Among them are experts in the field of construction materials and engineering systems, wholesalers, retailers and interior designers.

I want to say a big thank you to the whole team of the exhibition BATIMAT. Everything was fine, without exaggeration. The atmosphere, organization and of course people! Thank you, and I hope that next year will be no less fruitful.

Carolina Fernández Infante /ICEX/

Definitely, Crocus Expo is a really nice venue. It’s step forward from what we were used to at Russian exhibitions. And it’s been very easy to work here: the aisles are very wide, and the venue is very modern, so it has lot’s of facilities. That’s why, for us it’s been a very good place to be.

Andrey Jacevich /EXPROF/

We evaluate the exhibition very well, it has been very effective, just at the second day we ran out of free seats for clients who wanted to come and ask some questions about the profiles, learn about some innovations, some technological know how of this year. We give this exhibition an excellent mark.

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