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Competition "Innovations 2017"

Independent Nonprofit Organization the Council of Interior Design Experts and  International Construction and Interiors Exhibition the BATIMAT RUSSIA have announced the start of reception of works for the INNOVATIONS 2017 competition; the  results will be announced at the exhibition on March 28-31, 2017 in the Crocus Expo IEC. 

The manufacturers of innovative products for construction, architecture, design and decoration may now enjoy the opportunity to tell clients about their product and evaluate it in the environment of cutting-edge technologies and creative processes. 

The competition includes three stages. First – please register at the contest homepage to be able to apply for participation. The second stage will take place directly in the Crocus Expo IEC, the central hall of the main exhibition, and will involve demonstration of interior design sketches of innovative products, materials and technologies for architecture, design, construction and decoration. The third stage - official ceremony with awarding of commemorative diplomas and valuable gifts to the exhibition and competition organizers.

The winners of the INNOVATION 2017 competition were:

- in the nomination "Efficiency":

MicroPor Entfeuchtungsputz - sanitizing plaster, KAIMAN, www.kaiman.ru

- in the nomination "Novelty":

Innovative sliding system Slidors Air, SLIDORS, www.slidors.ru


- in the nomination "Ecological compatibility":

A house with zero energy balance from modular large-format fibrolite elements (LegovDom), www.kzsf.ru

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