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Moscow, 2021
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New Project at BATIMAT RUSSIA 2018 - Hotel House Home, the Apartments of Future

APARTMENTS OF THE FUTURE is a new topic of Hotel House Home project, which is dedicated to special aspects in design and construction of hotels and purpose-built accommodation. In 2018 the project explores one of the attractive new trends in Russian construction industry — apartments. The business program deals with actual and rather acute issues in design, construction and decor of purpose-built accommodation, offering creative atmosphere for interaction of designers and architects with those who provide facilities and resources: manufacturers and suppliers of construction and finishing materials, equipment, furniture.

“Appartments of the Future. Innovative Materials and Technologies” is the topic of the project in 2018. To make participants familiar with the subject, MSF designers (Germany) made up a model of hotel apartment with several installations: bedroom, bathroom, and kid's room. The space for talks, conferences, and panel discussions was always occupied — the business agenda was very intensive as usual.

Archive announcement

THE APARTMENTS OF FUTURE is a new section of the Hotel House Home Project. The section is dedicated to specialties and issues of hotel and special residential buildings design, developing and construction. Apartments, one of the prospective trends of the Russian construction sector, are a new theme in 2018. The Apartments of Future is a keystone of events with support of Russian and foreign leading developers, architects, and designers. The conceptual part contains six installations in various styles of interior design. Moreover, within the section you can learn some innovative solutions from the participants, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, construction and finishing materials, furniture, and accessories. The ELITE Magazine will cover this event.

April 3

April 3. 12:00 - 13:00 Hall 14. Booth 14-576

Illumination Development Trends

Speaker: Alexander Maslennikov, a lighting engineer, an architect of lighting, a co-founder of MPEI LIGHT LAB Lighting Design School.

April 3. 13:00 - 13:30 Hall 14. Booth 14-576

Lighting Design Thinking

Speaker: Kira Fedotova, a lighting designer, Mgr. in Lighting Design, an ideologist of lighting design thinking, a co-founder and teacher at MPEI LIGHT LAB Lighting Design School and The National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia). A participant of European Lighting Workshops, studied in Italy

April 3. 13:30 - 14:00 Hall 14. Booth 14-576

Interaction of a Lighting Designer with an Architect and Interior Designer

Speaker: Valentina Balashova, a lighting designer, an architect of lighting, a co-founder of MPEI LIGHT LAB Lighting Design School

April 3. 14:00 - 14:30 Hall 14. Booth 14-576

Discussion with Experts

April 3. 14:30 - 15:10 Hall 14. Booth 14-576

LIGHT PRIME. Light without a Fixture. Functional Interior Lighting. Issues and Solutions.

Speaker: Andrew Petrov

LIGHT PRIME. Practice. The Lighting Quality and Perception. The Lighting Scenarios

Speaker: Anton Buldygin

April 4

April 4. 12:00 - 14:00 Hall 14. Booth 14-576

The Apartments of Future. Innovative Materials & Technologies

Speakers: Gennady Sirota, a chief of Workroom 6 of ‘Mosproekt-2’, a chief architect of Moscow International Business Center; Dmitry Barhin, an architect, a member of Union of Moscow Architects; Paolo Vinciguerra, a designer, CEO of Design Vinci (Italy); Maria Sonne-Frederiksen, a member of Union of German Architects; an architect; MSА Design (Germany); Yekaterina Kirillova, Marketing and Advertising Department Chief, Palmira Group LLC; Andrey Zhamkin, Development Director of YES Hotels, Pionner GC; Pavel Yelnikov, a chief lawyer, PiperRus Limited; Yury Slizovsky, Development Director of Victory Asset Management; Moderator: Andrew Volohov, VAP Consulting.


Architecture & Interior Design (Planning, Zoning, Premises Application Regarding the Floor Space and Total Area. Cardinal Direction):

  • Human Factors
  • Doorway Width
  • Arrangement of Furniture, Sockets, Sanitary Ware
  • EB Arrangement in Relation to Furniture and Equipment (an iron, a sterilizer)
  • Mandatory Equipment Set at a Hotel: Elevators and Ramps (including those for disabled people)

April 5

April 5. 12:00 - 14:00 Hall 14. Booth 14-576

Round-Table Discussion

Speakers: Giuseppe Arnone, an architect, CEO of Arno Architetture (Italy); Natalia Arnone, CEO of Arno Architetture; Cristina Faedi, Development & Marketing Director of Edi.Cer. S.p.a. (a member of Confindustria ceramica), the Cersaie Exhibition organizer; Anna Pashina, a chief editor of ELITE INTERIOR.

April 5. 15:00 - 16:00 Hall 14. Booth 14-576

The Landscape of Future

Speaker: Ilya Molchanov, a landscape architect, CEO of Ilya Molchanov & Partners