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Moscow, 2021
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Room of a Football Fan (Irina Chun)

Room of a Football Fan (Irina Chun)


The theme of the stand is revealed as the story of a man who was able to turn his passion for football not only into style and way of life, but also into business. Two rooms – an office and a rest room – show the life of this person from two polar sides. The right part of the exposition is the office of a businessman – the owner of a football team. Here everything is rational, well-considered, hard math rules here, and the interior emphasizes the status. In the left part of the stand there is a rest room adjoining the office, in which he can relax and give vent to his emotions. The emotional background is reflected in the color scheme: in contrast to the office, all colors are bright and "open". Both parts of the exposition are united by the theme of the show: on the one hand, the businessman enjoys it, and on the other hand, creates it by controlling the puppets hanging from the opposite side of the screen.

Product portfolio

Wall decor

• panels and metal deposition, "Schukin", mebelschukin.ru

• art painting by PEAK ART, peakart.ru

• lawn by ORTGRAPH, ortgraph.ru

• paint "Little Green", manders.ru

The Skyline door in the Invisible frame and the interior partition "1000 lines", the Sofia factory, sofiadoors.com


• parquet board BASSANO PARQUET (Italy), bassanoparquet.ru.com

• carpet flooring by EGE ORTGRAPH, ortgraph.ru

Ceiling systems by TOKAI tokay.su

Interior items

• table with return, chest of drawers, shelf by STPROFI, stprofi.ru

• chairs, www.buromobel.ru; sofa DREAMMA, dreamma.ru

• coffee table, shelf, puppets by FINEOBJECT, fineobject.ru

• compositions "Cacti" and "Creation of a fan" by sculptor Artem Makhanov

• furniture and sculptures are made by the sketches of Irina Chun