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Feedback 2017

Lyudmila Chukalenkova /Maco company/

We do not really believe in success of the exhibition, but the first day and this day show a very good result. Yesterday was surprisingly rich, many people came today too. Our stands, our exhibits are almost all filled with visitors and we are very happy with this result.

Yury Khakhanov /Skolkovo Foundation/

This year we are participating for the second time, we really like it. Last year we participated with fifteen of our projects, design companies, this year we already have 25 projects presented on the stand, we just enjoy participating, our companies enjoy it, moreover, we are expanding our presence year by year.

Carolina Fernandez Infante /ICEX/

We have twenty companies here in Batimat this year and as far as the show has been going on for the first day and a half everyone is pretty happy and this high attendance and the results are to going to be better than we expected. We received here almost all the clients that we were expecting, s we did have visitors from Moscow, from the regions, and countries around Russia.

Paolo Salsi /Group of Ceramiche Ricchetti/

I like very much the exhibition. For us it is really important. We strongly believe in Russian market and we are making huge investment for it. I like the geography of visitors, I was surprised about the presence, we met many people, all our distributors and we were expecting less people there but we are surprised and really really happy.

Sergej Elnikov /VEKA/

Even in such difficult time we believe it is fundamentally important to show the market, to show our partners that we are together with them, and that we are ready together with them to develop and implement new ideas in order to feel confident even in these circumstances, and stay ahead of the competitors. The exhibition is one of such sites, if we talk about the exhibition formats, then yes, it is such site.

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