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Moscow, 2021
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The New Format of Interior Exhibitions at Crocus Expo

BATIMAT RUSSIA & GLOBAL DESIGN change the form of presentation for manufacturing companies, as well as the way goods and services in the industry are marketed.

In early March, we witnessed the transformation of the famous BATIMAT RUSSIA interior exhibition into a new exhibition format entitled Global Design.

The organizers of Batimat Russia & Global Design reinterpreted the values that manufacturers, suppliers and consumers want to receive from participating in exhibitions. The classic B2B exhibitions did not pay attention to the end customers that in fact make up the key element in development of the modern market. The shift in focus to the needs of end consumers has led to a holistic understanding of the real challenges, which construction and interior exhibitions are facing.

The buyer does not just purchase a closet or parquet, but realizes his dream of an ideal home. This simple idea led to a collaboration of manufacturers and designers to recreate real residential and public interiors at exhibition stands.

Batimat Russia & Global Design presented 76 stands of real interiors, where 46 were given to living quarters (living rooms, entrance groups, bedrooms, bathrooms, children’s rooms and bathrooms) and 30 – to the interiors of public areas for various purposes: lounge areas, bars, a library, apartments, hotel rooms of various categories, a patio and a golf club.

Visitors who were interested in residential interiors had the opportunity to order their favorite products using QR codes and a special app, or go to the manufacturer’s conventional booth to get to know more about the interesting products. Manufacturers and designers received a real response to their services and new items in the form of orders or pent-up demand.

For 5 days, the event was attended by more than 25,000 unique visitors, over 800 brands of construction and finishing materials, sanitary ware, furniture, decor, electrical and lighting equipment were presented on an area of 16,700 sq. m. More than 120 events were held – lectures and master classes for designers, architects and private buyers at various stages of repair.

The combination of a traditional and new approach to the presentation of goods, brands and services of designers did not just intensify and complement each other. As all the participants noted, the new format aroused great interest from professional and private consumers and exceeded all expectations.





Victor Osetsky, Kerama Marazzi

“We like about BATIMAT that they fight for their clients, every year they organize everything at the highest level”

Sergey Kravchenko, La Redoute

“This is the most specialized event where you can get everything you expected”

Ekaterina Fedorova, OM Parquet

 “The combination of the work of the designer and manufacturers in creating real living spaces at the exhibition is a great idea! During the first days of the exhibition, we received several good orders from both private customers and designers. Many meetings are already scheduled next week”

Oleg Petrov, Silver Home

“For manufacturers, this exhibition gives an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and new products that are aimed at regional distribution and professional communities of designers and architects”

Sergey Zodnev, Bezhko Lighting

“BATIMAT has become more professional and more comfortable this year”

Givi Yashvili, Waitzer Parket

“This is a conceptually rich exhibition where people gather to discuss ready-made solutions”

Anastasia Korchagina, Schneider Electric

“Batimat Russia exhibition not only shows famous designers, but also opens up new names”


Kristina Esenina

“We really did not expect that it would be so large-scale, and on the first day we were a little shocked by everything that was happening. Honestly, wow!”

Irina Chun

“This is the first exhibition of this kind in Russia, and it is upscaling. So I feel very comfortable and pleased to present my work here”

Khoren Morozov

“Such professional exhibitions and the HoReCa topic enable investors to make the right choice”

Anastasia Kasparyan

“I’m very glad that I was invited to speak in the Designers’ Alley, today it is important to keep pace with European exhibitions, and Batimat Russia succeeds in this”

Olga Podolskaya

“The Batimat Russia & Global Design helps ordinary people learn interesting ideas, get to know about new materials and techniques that designers demonstrate here”

Maria Rubleva

“Many thanks to the project for the opportunity to show customers how we can work via real-life examples”

Yana Grosheva

“All stands are decorated at the highest level and conform with the European market. Each designer was able to present his ideas, and visitors could immerse into the real interiors”

Alena Vlasova

“Many thanks to the organizers, I received a huge charge of positive energy from participating in the exhibition. I hope that next year Batimat Russia & Global Design will be even larger and cooler!”


Maria Kholodova

“An excellent exhibition for inspiration, new ideas for repair, meeting designers. I really liked the idea to unite designers and products – it helps a lot to make my choice”

Artem Kolupaev, co-founder of the Academy of Design group of companies

“Recently, participation in interior and construction exhibitions has shown that this is a recessive, fading trend, but today for the first time we saw a new format at Batimat – Global Design – and, frankly, we admired. Such a collaboration of manufacturers, designers, implemented in interiors, was exactly what the market needed. It’s easier to choose, it’s easier to buy: in fact, this leads to a new consumption model when a person buys a turnkey solution. This is the format of the future”

Olga Mikheeva

“I congratulate Batimat Russia & Global Design with the new concept, which, on the one hand, allows the designer to present himself and his projects, and to show himself to the suppliers in a new way. This concept has everything for the buyer – both the interior and the material. It's great!"

Design expositions in the format of showrooms of residential and public interiors at BATIMAT RUSSIA & GLOBAL DESIGN

BATIMAT RUSSIA & GLOBAL DESIGN featured 76 stands of real interiors.

Among them 46 were living quarters: entrance groups and living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, children’s rooms and bathrooms. 1,083 products from 306 suppliers of finishing materials, furniture and decor were used for creating “living” and at the same time detailed interiors.

All visitors experienced incredible pleasure – they can’t often walk around such diverse fashionable and comfortable apartments: try on a stylistic solution, get to know designers, choose a complete fit-out and make an order. The organizers suggested using a unique digital assistant, which allows to instantly find out detailed information about all products used in projects with the help of QR codes, to buy or add the selected products to your favorites. No heap of catalogs, brochures and business cards!

Another interesting and large-scale section of the exhibition was the Hotel & Residence & Café Design Area – cool, creative, sensitive to current trends in the HoReCa segment. Visitors to the exhibition could not only see, but also check by themselves the unique design solutions created by famous and young architects and designers. Within the exhibition, a hotel complex was presented, attracting with color, forms and energy, with a separate entrance, lounge areas, a bar, a library, apartments, rooms of various categories, a patio and a golf club. The visual impressions of the conceptual spaces shown were reinforced by sound and light installations. Everything presented at the design booths was filled with deep meaning and thought out in detail.

30 concepts of public interiors were presented, featuring precise proportions, elegance, technology, tactile and visual sense of comfort. In addition to vivid emotional images, architects and designers presented premiere collections of furniture and decor items created in partnership with Russian and foreign manufacturers.

The exposition in the format of showrooms of residential spaces, the HoReCa Design Area, the stands of manufacturers and suppliers were attended by more than 25,000 unique guests during 5 days of the event, including leaders of the design community, top managers of manufacturing and supplying companies, representatives of construction companies and, of course, private customers.

BATIMAT RUSSIA & GLOBAL DESIGN has become not only the most atmospheric event in the field of interior design, but also a new format for the presentation of services and products on the market of building materials, furniture and decor.


In total, from March 3 to 7, more than 120 events were held.

Lectures and master classes took place at three sites in a non-stop mode. Leading Russian experts and industry practitioners spoke about the basics of design, life hacks in repair and industry trends in programs aimed at both specialists and market consumers.

More than 17 business events took place as part of the Batimat Construction Summit: plenary meeting, round tables, industry conferences, interactive discussions, meetings, a forum at which the most pressing issues, problems and their solutions were discussed. Among the participants and speakers: experts of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, the Federal Treasury, Sberbank-AST, Ministry of Labor of Russia, Сentrizyskaniya Association, FAU FTSS, JSC СNS, EAEU, Ministry of Construction of Russia, Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, Organizing Committee of the Competition ‘Regions – Sustainable Development’, Russian Export Center, Moscow Credit Facility Assistance Fund, NRU MGSU, St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, leaders of over 10 specialized associations, and other experts.

The Digital Ecosystem in Construction forum was held, where practitioners shared their experience and results of the industry’s transition to digital technology, discussed the difficulties that pioneers encountered, the economic benefits the industry expects from the use of BIM, and much more.

The exhibition and the summit were opened with the plenary meeting with the participation of Volkov D.A. (Ministry of Construction of Russia), Basin E.V. (CCI of the Russian Federation), Yakovlev V.A. (RCC), Shamuzafarov A.Sh. (RCC), Pryadein V.V. (NOSTROY), Kravchuk A.N. (Mosgosstroynadzor), Goldber M.A. (DOM.RF), where they discussed the development strategy of the industry. A direct discussion on the most acute problems in construction lasted more than 2.5 hours, involving representatives of government agencies and manufacturing companies, experts.

For the third time, BATIMAT RUSSIA 2020 hosted WorldSkills competition in the Industrial Design skill. The contestants were the participants of the WorldSkills Russia movement – representatives of various championships, including national, international championships and the WorldSkills Juniors. This year, the terms of reference were developed by experts of the Furniture Production skill. The projects of the best models selected by experts will be used as a design specification and implemented by participants in the Furniture Production skill at one of the WorldSkills professional championships in 2020.