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Competition "Innovations 2015"

Competition "Innovations 2015"

International Construction and Interior exhibition BATIMAT RUSSIA and the Council of Experts in Interior Design and Architectural Environment (CEID) held the second “Innovation” contest among the exhibition’s participants.

The contest was designed to present the most promising innovative products, materials and technologies in architecture, design, construction and decoration.

Taking part in the contest “INNOVATIONS 2015” means:

  • a great chance to promote your company, informing the industry professionals as well as potential clients about its activities;
  • an excellent opportunity to establish new partnership relations;
  • a great way to dive into the current context of modern technologies and materials in architecture, construction and design.

The Contest’s Categories:

  • efficiency
  • novelty
  • environmental friendliness.

The Contest’s Resuts:
40 innovative products were presented by the participants of the exhibition, at the contest “Innovations 2015”. This is two times more than in 2014. The visitors had the opportunity to get familiar with the exhibitors’ innovations at the special shows at the exhibition BATIMAT RUSSIA, from March 31 to April 3, 2015.

The following Companies are the Contest’s Winners:

  • Profine Rus, in the category “Environmental friendliness”, for the proprietary patented technology GreenLine, using materials with a chemical stabilizer on calcium-zinc basis in the manufacture of window profiles. This means that lead as a toxic substance is eliminated from the entire production cycle. The profiles manufactured by the company are environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle: from production to disposal.
  • Region, in the category “Novelty”, for the cast molding granules of wood-polymer composite. These granules can be processed with the equipment traditionally used to process polymers by pressure casting. The production tests are already performed, using this composite material for the manufacture of protective caps for metal pipes, furniture accessories, car parts, roof and garden tiling. The company began the serial production of modular floorings that can be used both indoors and outdoors. There are plans to develop the production of modular paving slabs for gardens and sidewalks.
  • Internorm Russia, in the category “Efficiency”, for the energy-independent window shading. The window independently produces the energy needed. The first product satisfying this requirement is the power-operated sun shading for the composite windows: blinds and shutters Duette®. The photoelectric sunlight protection does not require external power supply. All the Internorm composite window systems can be equipped with a power-operated shading mechanism that does not consume any electric energy from outside. The energy is produced by a photoelectric module integrated into the protective shading, which ensures the independent power supply.

The special nomination of the Foundation “Skolkovo”

The high level of excellence of the projects presented at the contest attracted the attention of the foundation “Skolkovo,” cluster of energy-efficient technologies. In the special category “Energetic efficiency” introduced by the foundation “Skolkovo,” the foundation’s representative Yuri Khakhanov congratulated the winning companies:

  • Region, for the cast molding granules based on wood-polymer composite (see description above)
  • Internorm Russia, for the window equipped with the system “Energy saving and Fresh air.” The built-in window ventilation offers important advantages of fresh air and energy savings. I-tec Ventilation provides fresh air when needed, saves the energy and does not cause any inconvenience.
  • Casting and Press Plant “Segal,” for SIAL KPT82: windows with improved thermal technical characteristics. The system makes it possible to produce window and door constructions with R-value equal to one. The thermal insulation efficiency is achieved through the use of aluminum profiles of special designs as well as unique materials and components.
  • Vostochnoe, for the non-combustible façade system UNIPAN. The company “Vostochnoe” produces, under its own brand “UNIPAN,” the non-combustible façade panels with the flammability class G and NG. The building materials used in the system are recommended by the Federal Law 123, Article 87, paragraph 11, and have a full package of permits for their use in the construction of municipal buildings.

About Skolkovo

“Skolkovo” Foundation supports the projects which have a significant potential for innovation and investment appeal, including the following areas: intelligent energy management systems, systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting technologies, construction materials, water supply technologies, waste recycling technologies.

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