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Moscow, 2021
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How to Work Less and Earn More in Interior Design?

Варвара Зеленецкая

March 14, 2019

14:30 - 15:30

Free admission

A master class by a well-known Moscow designer, a graduate specialist in interior design and furniture, a specialist in art management and the founder of her own studio, which is part of the top 50 interior bureau offices in Moscow – Varvara Zelenetskaya – will be held within BATIMAT RUSSIA 2019. She graduated from the Institute of the Humanities and Applied Sciences and the Institute of Problems of Modern Art, trained in Florence at Lorenzo de Medici Institute.

The master class is designed for practicing interior designers, architects, and studio owners. The provocative theme of the master class conceals very simple things:

  • Do you feel happy in your work?
  • Does it bring satisfaction or admiration to others, colleagues or clients?
  • Do you often can afford to spontaneously go on a journey with no further consequences, and your clients and construction manager won’t keep calling on your phone?
  • Do your customers value your work? Is it possible not only to find, but also to keep the client? And also bring the project to the end, making a professional shooting?
  • How much time can you devote to your family and friends without thinking about the work process?
  • Are you satisfied with how your workflow is structured? Do you feel ready to move from private practice to creating a studio, but you still do not know how to take the next step?
  • Or you are already at the next stage. And you have staff, but it is still impossible to delegate?
  • Are you satisfied with how much you earn? Do you do a lot of work that the client does not pay? For example, sketches and drawings, more than were specified under the agreement? Or visits to the facility in unlimited quantities?
  • And the most important question: do you want to feel free and happy? No, not leaving your business, but just setting it up correctly. Then this master class is for you!

Varvara Zelenetskaya Studio is a worthy team of professionals. During the 13 years of the studio’s existence, more than 500 projects, 16 TV projects for NTV programs ‘Kvartirny Vopros’ and ‘Dachny Otvet’, 13 exhibition projects have been implemented.