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Stanislav Orekhov ‘How a Designer Can Find His Unique Style’

Stanislav Orekhov

March 15, 2019 года

14:00 - 15:00

Free admission

Stanislav Orekhov – designer and author of a systematic approach to interior design, will hold a practical brainstorming session with the audience. The author will speak on the topic ’How a Designer Can Find His Unique Style’. Practitioners and novice designers will get an opportunity to learn about technologies for choosing a competitive advantage in design, will find their unique style and will be able to qualitatively approach the process of positioning their services.

Frank Chimero, a contemporary writer on design, said: ’I think style should reflect your beliefs. Unless the style is parallel to your beliefs and priorities, you’re essentially just playing dress up. I think it’s damaging to have a ’style’ that imitates some one else: it’d be like wearing a Halloween costume every day. If you’re comfortable in your own shoes and making work that reflects what you believe in the best possible way, it’s not a style any more. It’s just you, making the work that only you can make“.

Designers seldom carefully consider what is their own unique style. Many designers simply become attached to ’their’ color scheme or try to make all projects of the same type. But in fact, style is determined by its own principles. Each designer solves the problems in his own way. Sometimes designers start imitating others without even realizing it. The secret is to make your own design.

What is your unique style? Perhaps you have your own style and special features in the project. How to find ways to declare your uniqueness and show evidence to your words? What needs to be done to make your uniqueness interesting to your target audience? How to develop it to be the best in your field?

Stanislav Orekhov, designer, visualizer, owner of a design studio, founder of one of the most popular schools in visualization, interior design and business development in design, will answer these questions at his lecture and workshop on March 15, 2019 from 14:00 to 15:00.

Stanislav is the author of a systematic approach to interior design that allows to create design projects based on a clear analysis of customer needs, which significantly optimizes project management time, eliminates the possibility of errors and allows you to take into account and anticipate customer requirements. The designer’s portfolio includes interiors for Gals Development, Sberbank, Aeroflot, Svyaznoy, as well as working with representatives of the global design industry such as Kelly Hoppen and Philippe Starck.

Stanislav Orekhov actively promotes the concept of sophisticated technologies in the process of interior design. He believes that the work should be based on a clear technical task, the distribution of processes within the studio and the designed algorithm.