International Construction and Interior Exhibition

March 3-6, 2020
Moscow, Crocus Expo, m. Myakinino





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The company "MasterDom" is one of the few who stood at the origins of the market of professional, high-quality, exclusive finishing materials in Russia. For 25 years, the staff of "MasterDom" did everything possible so that Russians could decorate their home interiors not only with ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, but also with mosaics, plumbing fixtures, lamps, and other related products supplied by well-known western and Russian manufacturers.
For its long existence, the company "MasterDom" has concluded cooperation agreements with a large number of foreign firms, factories and plants, both Western and Eastern countries. Many companies, among which the eminent "Porcelanosa", "L'Antic Colonial", "Venis", "Fap", "Rex", "Casa Dolce Casa", "Mainzu", "Colorker" and others, deserved trust with their highest quality finishing material and its technological control.
"MasterDom" constantly expands its range, supplying the Russian market with goods from the best world producers at the most attractive prices, watching the novelties and trends of the world community of manufacturers of finishing materials.
To the services of Russian buyers more than three thousand types of tiles, including premium class.
The special emphasis of "MasterDom" makes for work with designers, attracting to the development of new collections of tiles of talented and extravagant creative personalities. Priority is the individuality, uniqueness and exclusivity of prints.
Its further development, "MasterDom" was opened in various regions of Russia its brand showrooms, supplying their most interesting and relevant products.

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