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March 12-15, 2019
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ISOBELL is a patented and fabric-based product providing thermal and acoustic insulation for buildings and provides marked energy saving.
This flexible thin multi-layer material is a totally innovative solution for the building industry because it is made of materials and based on methods completely different from those commonly used. Its lightness and flexibility allows users to renovate and insulate inside and outside walls, increasing their energy efficiency and protecting the house against the passage of time and adverse weather. ISOBELL is not easily comparable with current alternatives dedicated to thermal insulation only. The idea at the basis of the product is not only to provide a mean of increasing energy efficiency and internal comfort, but first of all to develop a multifunctional material useful to restore damaged building surfaces, interior as well as exterior, thanks to its ability to absorb underlying deformations and micro cracks transmitted through the wall to the outer surface. The special inner structure is composed of two outer resin-rich layers and an inner resin-free felt layer: the central resin-free layer acts as compliant connection, limiting or also avoiding the transmission of deformations from the interior to the exterior resin-rich layers. The material itself goes up to 130 % deformation before breaking. ISOBELL is the ideal solution when you find non planar surfaces, particular geometric features to be preserved, sharp angles or corners, ledges, as well as limitations in the minimal amount of space available that could influence the thickness of the material to be installed.
There are several and several buildings all around the world with these restrictions, and currently no flexible solutions are available that can at the same time restore a damaged surface (e.g. when micro cracks appear) and provide a certain amount of energy efficiency (we made a simulation of the possible benefit in energy consumption, and up to 8% less in energy demand can be achieved) at a sustainable cost.
ISOBELL offers several advantages for your house compared to similar alternative solutions currently available in the market. Moreover, these solutions often suffer exterior applications and impacts and are limited in absorbing deformations. In addition ISOBELL solves several needs of buildings, thanks to its large number of applications. In particular ISOBELL is the ideal solution in case of: mold, cracks and micro cracks, rising damp and thermal insulation.
DIGIFLY is a high-performance patented technology that produces a cloth in particular canvas for digitally printing photos or artistic representations in particular by means of HP INDIGO digital printers. DIGIFLY has a high printability even using digital machines of different technology and has a high degree of print resolution and reproduction of photos of artistic representations, vividness of the colours and brightness of the print comparable to those obtained on paper.

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