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March 12-15, 2019
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Istrinskaya Manufaktura

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«Istrinskaya Manufaktura» produces exclusively painted and tinted framed interior Doors, the painted Furniture from the massif of wood in the European style and the accompanying joiner's production – frames for mirrors, a plinth, sills, eaves for curtains, joiner's products according to your drawings. Long-term experience, use of materials of the best world brands and qualitative raw materials allows us to compete with the well-known Italian factories, remaining more available at the price

We are not engaged in serial production. We produce all interior doors and wooden furniture according to the personal order, at all stages using manual skills. Professional artists and the qualified masters work individually with each client

The most serious advantage of our company is the possibility of creation of uniform style decisions in apartments and country houses of our customers

We have passed a huge way in improvement of the production and on own experience, winning from the Italian producers a niche of the painted doors and furniture, have worked the own production cycle considering mentality, very choosy, Russian customer

We use the qualitative paint and varnish production of world brands:

Sayerlack – polyurethane soil, enamels and varnishes
Sikkens – water-soluble varnishes and paints
Borma - natural oils, wax, shellacs and patinas

We have developed wide scale of models of doors and accessories in different styles for giving of "identity" of our production – door trims, «heels», cubes and eaves of several types. We have developed and continue to develop hand-painted different types, we apply various effects when coloring. The painted products are patinated by ochre, gold and silver. As a result, we began to produce, really, elite production at the price much cheaper than the Italian did. We work only "under the order" and we can satisfy the most exacting tastes. Having bought our production, you will create at yourself a luxury situation. The grace of registration of products, their good quality and reasonable price have brought our production to worthy level, having put in one row with the best European samples

Our advantages

1. We have a wealth of experience

1. We creatively approach each order – are capable to carry out any task

2. We use natural wood as a bases: a conifers blockboard, the massif of a birch, the oak blockboard covered with fair lamellae of an oak "select" or "rustic"

3. We paint production paint and varnish components of the best global manufacturers

4. Manually we grind, paint, patinated and we do art painting

5. We release the widest scale of models of interior wooden doors and furniture with a wide choice of accessories, options and accessories

6. We create uniform, often unique, style decisions in your apartments or country houses

7. We produce qualitative and beautiful production – architects and designers work with us

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