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CAMI Depurazaioni

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Production presentation letter
Cami Depurazioni s.r.l. performs since 1970 in the field of environmental disciplines, with feasible studies, planning activities and plants fulfilment in the field of industry environment healing, operating in the follow sectors: tile factories, sanitary factories, brick-works, colour factory, cement factories, food, textile, afterburners, processing and manufacturing industries, plastics and rubber, mechanical industries, glass industries, waste treatment sector.

Our most frequent applications are:

- Dust filters for the elimination of dust from civil and industrial aspirations
- Fume filters to polluting discharge abatement from kilns, spying processes, from baking and combustion processing in general.
- Cement dust aspiration and abatement plants to be applied in cement mixer stations, cement manufactured production plants, prefabricated structures production plants, and for any other activity which involves cement movementation with relative dust generation.
- Pneumatic cleaning systems, centralised or movable systems, highly efficient with filtering machine incorporated and turbo-aspirator for high speed aspiration
- Aspiration, evacuation and elimination of smells of organic or chemical origin.
- Plants for reducing VOS / VOC and unburnt solvents, with post–combustion catalytic system and activated carbon filters, with regeneration or lose.
- Heat recovery plants from discharge and from industrial processing, to be reused in the production process. Fumes - Air and Fumes - Water Heat Exchangers.
- Acoustic abatement and healing through ceiling fono-impediments, cabins for the regulation of sound track, sound absorbing panels, silencers installed on fans and also on industrial processing
- Industrial Waste Water treatment plants Chemical-physical treatment plants, inverse osmosis plants, ionic changer resins plants, sweetening water plants.
- Primary Water treatment plants
- Potabilization plants
- Biological plants
- Glazing cabins for dry spraying and relative sucking system for the elimination of solvents and glazes dust which are discharged in atmosphere.
- High and Low pressure pneumatic transport plants
- Pipes and carpentry construction on own engineering or on drawing basis.

Principal characteristic of the CAMI depurazioni S.r.l. is the possibility to satisfy the demands of the Clients elaborating technical proposals in short times: the technical solution elaborated for the specific demand becomes therefore a plant "keys in Your hands", thanks to the skill of specialized technicians; finally is insured the post – sale assistance, with ready intervention.

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