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The Skolkovo Foundation Event Program - Seminar "Innovative Construction Materials and Technologies"

The Skolkovo Foundation Event Program

March 12, 2019

13:00 - 15:00

Venue: Stand of the Skolkovo Foundation

Free admission

Organizer: Skolkovo Foundation


  1. Genesis: Modular Wall System for Frame Buildings
  2. Cerapen: Building Constructional and Heat-Insulating Energy-Efficient Material Based on Glass-Ceramic Foamceramic
  3. Legov: Energy-Efficient Housing Construction Based on Fiberboard
  4. Photen Glass: Innovative Translucent Structures
  5. Greenspacer-Ck: Energy-Efficient Solutions for Double-Glazed Windows
  6. 3D sTyle: Finishing Materials with 3D and Dynamic Images
  7. Thermo Glass: Heated Infrared Glass and Glassware
  8. BASA: Innovative Paintwork Materials

Cerapen Company is working in the field of creating innovative building materials based on ceramic foam. The company performs the entire cycle of work related to adaptation of the developed technology for production of cerapen to the conditions of a specific production.

The conceptual design of the model LegovDom at the Skolkovo Innovation Center was created for research purposes. The results of research and development will be applied in the products of the first resource-saving housebuilding factory ’EcoDSK Lyudinovo’ and for the further development of energy-efficient fiberboard production industry of finished buildings and new house-building methods.

Photen Glass – the company focuses on the development of new products in the field of translucent structures.

BASA is a Russian manufacturer of industrial paintwork materials. The line of manufactured materials includes anti-corrosion coatings for the protection of metal and concrete structures in mechanical engineering, on infrastructure facilities, in transport painting, etc.

The Sky-Tech Company has for 10 years been engaged in research and development of the so-called Warm Edge technology for window production. Actively develops the G-spacer (Green Spacer) technology, offering the best energy-saving glass unit for a selective customer.