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Round table: Roofs of Commercial Property (Business Centers, Shopping Centers, HoReCa)

Программа BCS

March 5, 2020

10:30 - 12:00

Pavillion 2, Conference Hall K

Registration required

Organizer: the National Roofing Union

Outline: A modern roof is a complex engineering structure without any trifles. The roof of commercial property can be of use or cause a constant ‘headache’ while in operation. Using practical examples, speakers will talk about new technological solutions that are used in the modern roof construction of commercial property.

Invited Speakers:

  1. Sredanovich Maxim Andreevich, Leading Engineer, TeMa: “The use of additional space in dense urban areas (arrangement of parking lots)”
  2. Bondarev Dmitry Alekseevich, Deputy General Director for Technical Support and Development, Follmann: “Flat roof: a source of problems or additional income?”
  3. Dubrovsky Alexander, head of the K-Systems Group scientific and educational center, laureate of the Presidential Award in the field of Innovative Creativity: “Leakage prevention systems – future outlook”
  4. Kosarev Konstantin Valerievich, Director of Riverclack company: “Industrial seam roofing of commercial property”
  5. Gushcha Evgeny Vladimirovich, head of the training center of the Zika company: “Physics of flat roof construction”

Invited to participate: architects, project designers, builders, developers, property owners.