Reviews of the exhibition

Interview with participants BATIMAT RUSSIA 2017

Andrea Rivi, ITALON
Larisa Novikova, Kerama Marazzi
Stefano Nencioni, LAMINAM RUS
Lyudmila Chukalenkova, MAKO ACCESSORIES
Yury Hakhanov, SKOLKOVO
Carolina Fernández Infanta, ICEX
Andrey Kiselyov, VIPORTE
Sergey Yellnikoff, VEKA RUS
Alexander Elokhov, INSTITUTE of the PASSIVE HOUSE
Anatoly Bespyaty, THERMOTILE

Armando Cafiero, Confindustria Cermica, the Italian Ceramic Association 

The Russian market is very important for Italian ceramic companies and the  Batimat Russia which is the third year in the row that we participate,  is a great opportunity to meet our clients, distributors from all over Russia.

All  days of the exhibition were very positive, the flow of visitors and both clients, distributors and architects was above all expectations and our companies that have invested a lot of money in their stands were very appreciated so I think it’s a positive experience and I see satisfaction with our exhibitors.

Batimat Russia has become the most important event for our association on the Russian market even in a period which is not the best for our industry sector but the opportunity to invest in the show is giving us the chance to maintain our contacts with the Russian clients and be ready to take the opportunity when the economy will start again.

Andrea Rivi, ITALON.

This is also suitable, the geography of visitors from all over Russia, our dealers come to view our new products, booth, …..everything is at a very high level.

We have new contacts every year, especially architects and designers, we know more or less all dealers in Russia and we invite them all this week.

You are doing great job, the location is very good to hold an exhibition, everything is convenient, modernly and it’s worth spending money on a good place with a high level!

Larisa Nonikova, Кerama Marazzi.

Batimat is the most important event of the year. Traditionally, the Kerama Marazzi presents at the exhibition its new collection, we have been preparing for it for a very long time, already more than a year, and we invite to this show all of our customers from all over the country.

You know, in Crocus we feel, in fact, at home. Everything is good, well organized, as you can see, we have a lot of customers at our booth. Everything was excellent.

Stefano Nencioni,  Laminam Rus.

We are very happy, we have just opened our plant in Russia, our first plant for production of this kind of product here, and it’s very important for us to be in Batimat. We are very happy because the response of the public and of the contacts is very positive and so for this reason we are very optimistic.

We are meeting a lot of contacts, which are mostly coming from Russia, former CIS countries. It’s a mix of different contacts, they can be distributors, they can be our dealers, they can be contacts like architects or designers. All of them are very important for us, for our business.

Yes, we definitely see a lot of visitors above the average that we receive in other fairs around the world. So we are very happy. The Crocus center is very modern, it’s very good for us,  all of our partners and visitors can reach us easily. The facilities are very new, construction  is easy, because the transportation of the booth before we start the exhibition is easy, so we are very positive and we are happy. It’s the highest level we met. I’ve been travelling in many different exhibitions all over the world for my company and here we have in touch with top level of international expo venues. So our experience with Batimat in all aspects has been extremely positive.

Lyudmila Chukalenkova,  Maco company.

We do not really believe in success of the exhibition, but the first day and this day show a very good result. Yesterday was surprisingly rich, many people came today too. Our stands, our exhibits are almost all filled with visitors and we are very happy with this result. Visitors' geography is very diverse. I just convey the impression of my colleagues from Austria, they believe that Crocus is a magnificent, modern venue, very comfortable, very good, because they have background to compare. We construct booths and hold exhibitions in Paris, Abu Dhabi, in Ghent, in Nuremberg, Munich, and they believe that Crocus is one of the best venues.

Paolo Salsi, Group of Ceramiche Ricchetti in Eastern Countries.

I like very much the exhibition. For us it is really important. We strongly believe in Russian market and we are making huge investment for it. I like the geography of visitors, I was surprised about the presence, we met many people, all our distributors and we were expecting less people there but we are surprised and really really happy.

I like very much Crocus-Expo, it’s really modern, everything is easy here, and people are help us as much as they can, I think also the position is good and I only have positive opinion about this.

Yury Khakhanov,  Skolkovo Foundation.

This year we are participating for the second time, we really like it.

Last year we participated with fifteen of our projects, design companies, this year we already have 25 projects presented on the stand, we  just enjoy participating, our companies enjoy it, moreover, we are expanding our presence year by year.

We have a lot of visitors both last year and this year. The most visited days are the second and third days of the exhibition. According to our companies at the Batimat exhibition they get more contacts than in all other shows in which they participate during the year.

Well, in our view, such as a large-scale exhibition as Batimat can only be held in Crocus, at the largest exhibition venue in Russia. We like modern environment, good indoor air. Everything is ok.

Carolina Fernandez Infante, ICEX

We have twenty companies here in Batimat this year and as far as the show has been going on for the first day and a half everyone is pretty happy and this high attendance and the results are to going to be better than we expected. We received here almost all the clients that we were expecting, s we did have visitors from Moscow, from the regions, and countries around Russia.

So I think the mix between visitors, between professionals, architects, distributors is quite good. So this year has been a good show for visitors.

Crocus is a very modern venue, it’s nice to work here because it has wide isles, everything is really prepared for a big show like this. For us setup is really a key fact. We need a week to setup, we build huge stands with different decorations and it’s not easy to setup something like this, so we do need a venue that can hold a big construction show and Crocus is.

We thank you the organizers of Batimat because the whole preparation was nice and easy with them and we were happy to be here again and we gonna be very happy to come back.

Sergej Elnikov, VEKA

Even in such difficult time we believe it is fundamentally important to show the market, to show our partners that we are together with them, and that we are ready together with them to develop and implement new ideas in order to feel confident even in these circumstances, and stay ahead of the competitors. The exhibition is one of such sites, if we talk about the exhibition formats, then yes, it is such site.

Exhibition of this place, of course, where not only the existing contacts are maintained, but also are new ones are made. I feel the number of visitors in many ways and evaluate it as very good.

I I think that currently in the Russian Federation the Crocus is an ideal venue for exhibition forums of this kind which with all due respect to other exhibition organizations, is unparalleled.

We must give credit where it is due to the organizers, to those who arrange this show, they're doing everything they can, to at least to inform in advance about the ways not to spend extra money, in order to prepare and do it all in advance and I thank you for it.

the unification of all exhibitions under one roof, from our point of view under the roof of Crocus, would be the perfect solution for the entire construction industry which would be quite a good factor for its development.

Andrey Kiselyov, head of the Trade House Viporte.

We are participating in the Batimat exhibition for the fifth year in a row. This year our stand was visited by a large number of potential clients from different regions of Russia, CIS.

At each exhibition we wish to implement an unusual project, and the Crokus-Expo area allows to do this.

The venue is very convenient, it's easy to find, it is well known.

Anatoliy Bespyatiy Termotile, resident and participant of Skolkovo, Technical Director of the company.

We really enjoyed the participation, now it is the second day of the exhibition. It's fine, we have many visitors with apparent interest. It is only three of us in the booth. I would like to have more colleagues, because it’s hard to tell so many people about our material. All exhibitors are related to construction, so almost everybody passing by gets interested in our product and we explain a lot about it.