Международная строительно-интерьерная выставка

12-15 марта 2019
Москва, КРОКУС ЭКСПО, м.Мякинино


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With almost twenty years’ experience behind it, MECTILES ITALIA operates on the second-hand market and serves industry by supplying almost any kind of equipment to companies seeking out top-end used products.
MECTILES ITALIA offers full installations for the entire production line - from raw-material preparation to the final phases. Furthermore, the proposed solutions allow for combining 'used and regenerated' installations with new machinery, accessories and equipment.
After having initially concentrated its efforts in the ceramic sector, the company has now branched out and deals in sanitary fixtures, cement and brickwork.
With many years of proven experience under its belt, MECTILES ITALIA boasts outstanding reliability and a highly qualified technical-support team able to complete the entire installation process from testing, start-up and product search stages. This has led to growing demand from both Italian and international customers and today MECTILES ITALIA is the best choice worldwide for second-hand products in the ceramics industry and many other sectors too. Its sheer excellence is borne witness to by its recent accomplishments in the beverage sector - the market most recently and successfully tackled by MECTILES.
Mectiles, second-hand with a guarantee.

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