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3-6 апреля 2018 |10:00-18:00|
Москва, КРОКУС ЭКСПО, м.Мякинино

Stürtz Maschinenbau GmbH

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The right solution for your manufacturing needs!
Our focus on supplying the right equipment for your specific needs and ensuring reliable, long-term operation with the finest possible technical support after the sale has proven to be the right formula for building successful partnerships with our customers all over the world.
The urgency and focus with which we approach every project allows us to act as a true supplier-partner with our customers. We want every customer to feel like a part of the Stürtz family. That is the basis for everything else we do. It is our responsibility and our ultimate goal to enable manufacturers of PVC windows to attain maximum efficiency and profitability through user-oriented solutions and continuous innovations. The modularity of our equipment allows us to find that ideal system concept to meet the demands of any sized company.

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