Международная строительно-интерьерная выставка

3-6 апреля 2018 |10:00-18:00|
Москва, КРОКУС ЭКСПО, м.Мякинино


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KDF - Kataskeves Dapedon Ltd (www.kdf.gr) is one of the most dynamic and export-oriented Greek companies, producing and trading for 45 years a wide range of building materials and complete systems (industrial, decorative and sports floorings, waterproofing materials, strengthening and repairing materials, concrete and mortar additives, paints and varnishes).
Operating under the requirements of ISO 9001/2015 for production, trade and also application, we make sure our products are first applied successfully (and repeatedly) at site by our own people before we launch them abroad.
Therefore, our systems have all stood the real life test in different climates, from Middle East till Russia, and this is one of our main assets, enabling us to provide full and vertical technical support from design to final application plus supervision when required. KDF is currently activated in Central/Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary) in all the Balkan countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, F.Y.R.O.M, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania), in Middle East (U.A.E, K.S.A, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait) and India with expansion plans underway featuring Western Europe, North Africa and beyond.
Our export horizon is expanding rapidly and our goal is to stand out as a model of flexibility and competitiveness. The company, being one of the pioneer companies in the sector of building materials and giving particular attention to providing a fully upgraded range of products and services, provides certified systems by ITF, IAAF, EU norms, LNE, LABOSPORT, ISASPORT, to name but a few.

With intensive quality control, materials are produced for:

-Industrial flooring
-Epoxy flooring
-Decorative flooring
-Sports flooring
-Waterproofing materials
-Sealers and adhesives

We invite you to discover a world of flooring expertise and solutions.

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