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3-6 апреля 2018 |10:00-18:00|
Москва, КРОКУС ЭКСПО, м.Мякинино

Airwor Industrial

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AIRWOR INDUSTRIAL Co.,Ltd, is one of the biggest aerosol products manufacturing centers with the most advanced technique in China, also one of the earliest professional OCF manufacturers in China.
In OCF industry, Airwor is considered as a model of advanced enterprise on OCF production standards and quality standards, and also one of the main drafting units for OCF industrial standard.
Guided by professional development, advocating scientific and humanized management idea, Airwor quickly develops into a famous aerosol products production enterprise with 20 international advanced production lines, more than 80 million cans annual production capacity by advanced technology and high-quality services. Its "Airword" series, "HaoHai" series of PU foam has occupied a large market share in the domestic market, and are exported to more than 30 countries and regions, export quotas have been well ahead of other manufacturers.
As credit unit in the construction industry supply, high-tech enterprise, OCF product achievements prize project unit, production-study-research cooperation enterprise, Airwor has achieved the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification. Its products have significant environmental protection and energy saving characteristics in caulking, bonding, sealing, thermal insulation, sound-absorbing, and other application, provide an effective way to achieve high efficiency and energy saving in building.

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