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3-6 марта 2020
Москва, КРОКУС ЭКСПО, м.Мякинино


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The company – Flora Exports,
Sector-29, HUDA, Panipat-132103 (India)

In Feb, 1982, with a very humble beginning, we started manufacturing Woolen Carpets by the name of Flora Exports. Right from the beginning, we were very clear in our mind about the quality and commitments. We chose to work for high demanding customers in India – The Hotel Industry. Our attitude towards quality and commitment rewarded us tremendously and we started Exports in 1990. Very soon the order volumes of satisfied customers grew more and more in numbers and we decided to have our own dyeing unit to have total control over quality.
We put up a dyeing unit with a capacity of 2.5 million Kg of Woolen, Cotton Yarn, Viscose & Polyester Yarns and 6 million mtrs of Fabric and 1 million kg of Bathmats.
Again on demand from our satisfied customers in 1997, we started Cotton/Chenille Rugs, Bath Rugs, Throws with coordinated Cushions, Curtains and Bed Covers.

We have mostly in house production and more than that “OUR QPD ATTITUDE” that is Quality, Price and Delivery, which helped us in total business control in favour of our customers. We are determined to deliver good quality at most realistic prices with prompt deliveries to all our customers. Till now we have a record that not even a single shipment shipped from Flora Exports had either been rejected or delayed beyond the committed delivery date. And we are proud of it.

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