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Yusuke Takahashi: 10 Unknown Principles of Japanese Architecture

Stanislav Orekhov

March 15, 2019 года

12:00 - 13:00

Free admission

The young Japanese architect Yusuke Takahashi will hold a master class within BATIMAT RUSSIA 2019 on March 15, 12.00–13.00.

The unique character of the Japanese architectural principles lies in the fact that the Japanese go their own way, preserving their cultural identity, not using modern trends, but at the same time becoming a trend, dictating fashion. Japanese designers and architects today are leaders and prize-winners of exhibitions, winners in many nominations in the field of architecture and design. For example, Yusuke Takahashi is the winner of Beautiful Houses 2015 architectural competition in Arch Project category.

‘Any design involves changing a part of daily and habitual form. By changing one part, you can change the whole. Changing one part leads to convenience and improved form in general.’ YT Architects is one of the leading architectural design bureaus in Japan, harmoniously combining modern trends and Japanese traditionalism.

Yusuke Takahashi will talk about a unique Japanese approach to architecture, which combines tradition and cultural identity without using modern trends, but at the same time becoming a trend, dictating fashion. The combination of natural materials, symmetry, light, air, decorative objects, based on ancient religious and cultural ideas, makes the Japanese home the materialization of spirit. The whole complex of living space is considered in unity. Thus, the combination of site, interior and architecture gives rise to a true work of art, in which everything is harmonious and subject to certain laws.