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Victoria Kiorsak ‘CONTRACT: What Is It? How to Interact within B2B in the New Economic Realities’

Victoria Kiorsak

March 14, 2019 года

11:00 - 12:00

Free admission

Permanent speaker of the Business Program of BATIMAT RUSSIA Construction and Interior Exhibition and from this year – exhibitor of the Integrated Solutions section, Victoria Kiorsak will hold a master class ‘CONTRACT: What Is It? How to Interact within B2B in the New Economic Realities’ on 14 March, from 11:00 to 12:00. She will talk about how to survive, which mistakes may be avoided and how to get the most out of your tasks.

Difficulties in such projects are always the same. As a rule, the deadlines have already been missed, and designers must do the impossible in just a couple of months: they develop a design project, fit out an object, and so on. The budget issue is a real ‘headache’ for everyone, especially for state institutions, when there is already little money and they still have to prune the budget throughout the project. Location of objects and the level of builders there is also a story of its own.

Victoria Kiorsak is an interior designer, Head of Victoria Kiorsak Interiors and Architecture, Art Director of Silverdragon.london. Today, Victoria Kiorsak is a brand of the same name, represented by the design bureau, art gallery and online design school. ‘We create interiors of residential premises, spas, beauty salons, jewelry salons, boutique hotels and restaurants. Day by day I build my brand, my business. It took me a long time to ensure that my work answered the most complex demands of the audience: from the selection of design solutions to the implementation of complex engineering systems. I am really proud that I have learned to listen and to hear both a large corporate customer, and a young couple who entrusted the comfort of their home to me. I believe that life experience correctly combined with talent are key skills in business.’