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Marina Yushkevich "Redevelopment: New Opportunities for Old Buildings"

Marina Yushkevich

March 13, 2019

13:30 - 14:30

Free admission

In the British Higher School of Design Marina Yushkevich teaches the classic history of architecture, which does not prevent her from closely following the processes in modern architecture as a journalist. One of the latest, and perhaps the most interesting trends in modern construction is redevelopment: restructuring of old buildings with a change of functions.

Over the past decades, the world has changed so much that many buildings constructed with an enormous margin of safety ‘for a full due’ became unwanted and lost their original functions. For example, production was removed from all major cities and empty factory complexes remained in them, the new containerized freight transportation system made irrelevant small warehouses and ports on rivers, for example, in London, because huge container ships could not pass along the Thames, which led to restructuring of vast port areas. Water towers suddenly became unnecessary after new pumps appeared, etc. But almost all of these buildings have a second chance – they can become something new and unusual, sometimes even more impressive than new construction, because the old walls themselves sometimes suggest wonderful solutions.

The lecture will show the most recent and impressive projects: the Museum of Modern African Art, created from a grain warehouse, residential buildings built into the frames of Victorian gas-holders in London, aesthetic residential complex from a former factory near Antwerp, a hotel from an old-fashioned prison building in Germany, and more... Because these stories are the thing of the future.

Architectural critic, art historian, practicing architectural journalist (Architectural Digest, Elle Decoration, Salon). Creator and chief editor of the building reuse website www.redeveloper.ru