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Moscow, 2021
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THE ART OF LIVING. The Art of Living Passionately. Love and Sexuality in the Interior

Karina Avetisyan

March 15, 2019

15:00 - 16:00

Free admission

A bright, sunny and positive Karina Avetisyan will teach a master class for those who not just make wishes, but set goals and want to get the bright energy for action and goal achievement.

“This is a master class for those who believe and don’t believe in themselves and want to create their unique style of home. This is a master class for those who want to be Designers of their Lives,” notes the interior designer and participant of the Integrated Solutions project at BATIMAT RUSSIA 2019. The master class will be accompanied by special effects!

The master class will be of use for you if:

  • Passion, love and sensuality are important to you
  • You don’t have the courage to change your life, improve its quality
  • You want to know how among the abundance of information to choose your own, unique style of the House
  • You want to manage fears, get out of your comfort zone and be responsible for your life
  • You have long wanted new things to happen in your life, but don’t know which way to move
  • You have lost faith in yourself and the ability to change the vector of life
  • You are captured by grief and fear or unsuccessful relationships have paralyzed you and you don’t feel able to go forward
  • You want to learn to live passionately and stay in the comfort zone
  • It’s hard for you to see the wood for the trees
  • How to refuse the services of the obsessive beauty industry and return faith in yourself?
  • How do the senses affect the quality of life and the design of the World (House) in which you live?
  • You want to understand how color works in interior as light
  • Is it possible to slow down the passage of time with the help of color?
  • You are interested in features of gender differences in design of your own home
  • What is the size of personal space and how to choose a planning decision?

Karina Avetisyan is an interior designer –from the project development to selection of music and smell of the interior, bedding and home clothes, 17 years of experience.

All interiors by Karina are unique, original, beyond fashion and time. She works in a style that can be called multi-culti (a popular term from the word multicultural, meaning mixing cultures), ‘where the West meets the East’. Her bright personality gives the energy of sunlight just like her interiors. The main task of the architect and designer, according to Karina Avetisyan, is to create an atmosphere that will fill a person with energy of positive thinking and success. She is a participant of TV projects and radio programs on RBC and STRANA FM.

For 7 years, Karina has been teaching master classes for novice designers and anyone interested in interior design and home decoration. She receives extremely positive feedback and assists a large number of people.

Karina Avetisyan is a lawyer by first education, and later studied at the International School of Design with a specialization in Interior Design and at the University of the Arts in London (UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS LONDON, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design) with a specialization in Interior Design.