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Irina Kuleshova "Working with Subcontractors. Practical Examples"

Irina Kuleshova

March 12, 2019 года

11:00 - 12:00

Free admission

Working with Subcontractors. Furniture Makers. How to Communicate and How to Make Work with the Subcontractor as Efficient as Possible. Psychology of Communication. Practical Examples — Irina Kuleshova

Issues for Discussion:

  • Composition of a design project.
  • Drawings of individual products.
  • How furniture design looks like in a project for a customer and how it looks for a contractor – a furniture designer. Comprehension, myths, misconceptions.
  • What does the customer require and what does the furniture maker require?
  • Where and how to find a good furniture maker (production)?
  • How to select the proper contractor and how to come to trust him? The first communication. Factors that are worth special attention.
  • Workplace visit. What are we looking at? Where we go, which production departments we visit and what kind of questions we ask?
  • Preparation of technical drawings for furniture makers. Design. Proper preparation of TDA for production and rendering.
  • Who prepares the design documentation for furniture?
  • What the designer is obliged to provide the furniture maker for the project and for the calculation, and what he is not obliged to provide and will never provide? How to explain it to the customer?
  • Project documentation, preparation procedures, regulatory compliance and provision of rights. Signatures. Documentation. Personal backup for yourself and for your customer.
  • Schedule for installation. Timing.
  • Production. Material selection. Designer’s supervision.
  • The final. Furniture work acceptance at the stage of installation and certificate signing.