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Timeless Russian Style. Codes of Perception

Анна Хацкевич

March 15, 2019

15:00 - 16:00

Free admission

“The theme of Russian style appeals to many people. It is complicated by the fact that the history of our country has been constantly cleaned up over the centuries. As a result, there was a ‘substitution’ of concepts regarding ‘Russianness’. Where to look for the Russian style, does it exist, what is Russian style, what time period may be attributed to the Russian style – these topics have become popular recently. But we will talk about something else, about perception of the Russian style through cultural codes, in order to understand it on a sensual level,” says Elina Tuktamisheva, the speaker of BATIMAT RUSSIA Business Program.

Elina Tuktamisheva is an interior designer, decorator and product designer, guest of TV projects ‘Kvartirny Vopros’, ‘Dachny Otvet’, ‘Fazenda’, ‘Idealny Remont’, ‘Maltseva TV’. Mastermind and curator of Tryn*Trava Exhibition. Elina has been professionally promoting the Russian style in interior design since 2005.

She creates Russian style in a new, ‘undecadent’ way, she doesn’t like the phrase ‘Russian style in fashion’ and believes, that you can work with it only by allowing it to pass through your soul and, after reinterpreting it – you can show it in a new way. Elina Tuktamisheva managed to show, how up-to-date, original and beautiful the Russian style can be, if you dispose of the generally accepted patterns.

At BATIMAT RUSSIA (March 12–15, Crocus Expo IEC), in the Integrated Solutions section, Elina will demonstrate the ‘Timeless’ concept, where her original Kupola lamps will be set to show for the first time. The lamps are made entirely of wood, with shingle in shape of the dome of Northern churches with hand painting inside.

We invite practicing designers and novice specialists interested in Russian style and Russian-themed interior items to visit the master class by Elina Tuktamisheva. It will be interesting!