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Expert Session «Archipractic»

Expert Session Archipractic

March 12, 2019 года

14:00 - 15:00

Free admission

Anatomy of a successful project. ARCHIPRACTIC from architects Ilya Shulgin and Kirill Kochetov. Ilya and Kirill – founders of the Lofting Architectural Bureau, members of the Council of Experts / CEID, nominees and winners of INTERIA AWARDS, as well as many other professional competitions in the field of architecture and design.

Architects will speak about some projects of their bureau, present the ‘anatomy of a successful project’: features of artistic and spatial solutions, interior styling, exclusive elements in architecture and interior space, technical equipment, furniture, lighting, accessories, as well as solving complex problems in project development and construction process. In addition, Ilya and Kirill will share their unique experience in productive interaction with customers.