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March 3-6, 2020
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SOKA Ukraine

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SOKA Ukraine
ул.Довженко 22а, 8, Казатин 22100, Винницкая область, Ukraine
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SOKA, or Société Kaolinière Armoricaine, is a producer of kaolin for ceramics established in Brittany, France, over 60 years ago.
SOKA exports kaolin internationally from its two plants located in France and in Ukraine.
SOKA also operates the kaolin calcination plant in France.
Kaolin Al SOKA (France) is well-known in the ceramic and construction industries due to its excellent physical and chemical characteristics that make it widely used around the world. Due to the improved casting properties in the production of sanitary ware, this raw material requires small additions of deflocculants and it perfectly solidifies.
The addition of kaolin Al of SOKA production is possible in the pulp of ceramic slurries during manufacturing of tiles, sanitary ware, ceramics with any casting technology:
- Extruding on ceramic granite pressing mold
- Traditional casting of ceramic tiles/sanitary ware
- Using of high pressure technology during sanitary ware production
In all cases, the use of kaolin Al brings excellent results, whether it refers to reducing the time of the process of turning the slip into a dense plastic mass having the ability to retain the shape given to it, the quality of casting, the mechanical strength, or to the lack of deformation processes.
Kaolin can be used in the production of engobes, glazes and frits.
SOKA offers a wide range of mineralogical additives in the production of plastic, rubber, paint and lacquers and phytosanitary products.
SOKA produces refined kaolin products from two deposits in Ukraine located in Vinnitsya region and Nikolaev region.
Kaolin ZRef1 is used in the production of glazes, engobes, refractories and tiles.
Kaolin ZPSan is used in the production of sanitarywae, engobes, tiles.
Raw kaolin KZ-1 and GV are used in the manufature of tiles and bricks.
All kaolin products of SOKA group can be shipped in bags, big bags or bulk.
SOKA company finds an individual approach to each customer.
All our engineers are specialists with the long-time experience in the industry. Laboratory methods are based on the latest high-tech develoments, the laboratory is equipped with the cutting-edge technology equipment for study of clay minerals and kaolin.
SOKA company is always striving to find the best logistical solution for each of our customers.
Our company has the long-term experience in shipping by all modes of transport. Our warehouse facilities, equipment and constant quality control of shipments allows us to ship products all year round, by all modes of transport: road, rail, sea, containers; products shipped in big bags or in bulk.
SOKA Ukraine has its own railway connection track, allowing us to load wagons and to carry out loading of containers on railway platforms directly on the site of oru enterprise.
The strategic goal of the company is satisfaction of demands of each individual customer.

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