International Construction and Interior Exhibition

March 3-6, 2020
Moscow, Crocus Expo, m. Myakinino





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ул. Комсомольская, 25, 8, Береза 225202, Брестская область, Belarus
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JSC "Beryozastroymaterialy" first and foremost associates with rich assortment of tile for interior facing of walls and floor tile, which are nicely beautified with decoration elements.JSC "Beryozastroymaterialy" is a modern and dynamically developing company. Every year the assortment of products widens and it corresponds to the company's purpose to meet all needs and expectations of its clients.
Company products are annually exhibited at largest international fairs, which take place both in CIS and EU countries. JSC “Beryozastroymaterialy” exports more than 70% of its products to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Romania and other countries.
Our products are sold under the trademark "BERYOZA CERAMICA" and "BELANI".
JSC “Beryozastroymaterialy” produces:
- under the trade mark «BELANI»:
glazed ceramic tiles for interior facing of walls of sizes 250x500 and 300x600 mm;
glazed porcelain stoneware of size 300x300 mm, produced with up-to-date technology of digital printing;
decoration elements (friezes, decors);
facade clinker tiles of size 150x300 mm;
- under the trade mark «BERYOZA CERAMICA»:
- glazed ceramic tiles for interior facing of walls of sizes 200x300 mm and 250x350 mm; - glazed ceramic floor tiles of sizes 300x300 mm and 420x420 mm; - decoration elements (friezes, decors); - glazed ceramic swimming pool tiles of size 250x125 mm.
The company starts its history since 1967, when "Beryoza plant of construction materials" was founded. The works has been producing ceramic tiles since 1981.
Nowadays the company is equipped with the contemporary high-technology machinery of the Italian company «SACMI». In 2013 the up-to-date digital printing machine for ceramic floor tiles decoration was installed and launched. This machine can apply on ceramic tiles any drawing created by our designers. Now the tiles can look like real oak parquet, marble or pine plank and not everyone can distinguish it from the original.
The company has perfectly equipped art studio where new designs are created. All novelties before production startup are presented at prestigious international construction fairs. Due to this fact our tile collections are harmonious and meet both world trends and our customers’ tastes.
The company buys raw materials from Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and other european countries and that makes it possible to correspond to international standards.
Our ceramic tiles conform to world quality standards, which imply strict compliance with geometric parameters, quality of glaze application, implementation of advanced design solutions, ecological compatibility and reliability.

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