International Construction and Interior Exhibition

March 3-6, 2020
Moscow, Crocus Expo, m. Myakinino




MIG Material Innovative

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Our company produces interior and exterior eco-friendly materials, which reduce energy consumption by 40%, improve sound insulation, eliminate dust, odors, fungi, corrosion, have a lasting effect (over 30 years of warranty).

They are used in houses, warehouses, shopping centers, in any production, in medical centers, restaurants, cafes, kindergartens and schools, in the reconstruction of the facades of historic buildings.

Thanks to the intelligent, breathable DHMb® coating technology with UV-resistant, hydrophobic surfaces, we can provide a solution to all these problems, taking into account economic viability and environmental sustainability.
They have the highest rating of the European certification ecological organization, they are safe for health, they can be used for allergy sufferers.

For many years it has been proved by using materials for facades:
• there is no dirt
• no cracks due to shadow / sun (cold / heat)
• there is no mold, fungi
• the color of the facade is perfectly preserved
• Does not ignite

When using materials for interior solutions, thermal insulation improves, a microclimate is created in the rooms, contributing to the health of adults and children, maintaining an environment friendly thanks to sound insulation, the absence of dust, fungi, odors.

Successfully applied in homes, commercial and industrial premises in countries with different climates: Germany, France, Italy, China, Australia, Canada, Iran.

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