International Construction and Interior Exhibition

March 3-6, 2020
Moscow, Crocus Expo, m. Myakinino





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KROST has been on the market since 1991, and for this time the company has built and renovated more than 450 objects, including residential buildings, schools, children’s centers, kindergartens, trade centers, sport and fitness centers, churches and industrial projects.
KROST is a full cycle developer dealing with construction, manufacturing of construction materials, selling real estate and maintenance. The company was first to commence district development, creating a concept of a city within a city.
Using world’s best practices, in 2000 KROST created its own industrial complex, which now includes 15 factories and research labs on a total area of 40 ha.
KROST factories enjoy the top-notch equipment manufactured by the renown companies like «Liebherr» «Hess», «Weckenmann», «Elematic Group», «Weining», «Bianchi» and other. Each of KROST factories complies with the European standards of quality, efficiency and sustainability.
KROST collaborates with the world’s most renowned architectural and engineering bureaus: Daniel Libeskind, Robert Stern, HBA, SOM, Cie, OMA, Jurgen Kannewisher, Bofill, Constantina Cusack, Dante Benini, Andrea Desimone, Edouard Francois Maison, Paul de Vroom, MVRDV and many more, 180 companies in total. The company also works closely with MIT, Cambridge and other foreign research facilities.
The company consists of several departments – design, architecture, engineering, real estate and industrial. KROST employs 5000 workers, including architects, engineers of all areas, designers, 3D modelers, landscape architects.
One of KROST’s department, “A-Project.k”, has over 200 employees who have an immense experience in adapting foreign design documentation to Russian regulations and rules.
KROST partakes in many foreign architectural and industrial expos, including Middle East Concrete in Dubai, World Architecture Festival, MIPIM, Expo Real and other.
Employees of KROST constantly improve their qualifications and implement new technologies like VR and innovations in 3D modeling and printing.

To improve company’s efficiency and performance, in 2016 a companywide implementation of AGILE system commenced. AGILE helps create flexible working environment, minimize risks and reduce paperwork.

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