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Ferrari & Cigarini

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Since 1969, for 50 years, Ferrari & Cigarini designs and manufactures machines and systems for the production of mosaic pieces, slabs, strips, skirting tiles, bull-nose and stairs in various materials such as marble, ceramic, stone, brick and glass.
The company also offers robotized free-standing elements to automate the feeding system, the unwrapping system and the palletization for cutting, profiling, rectifying, honing lines.
Ferrari & Cigarini makes a large investment in research and development of new technologies which can be applied to a consolidated know-how that is the strong point of the manufacturing chain.

Ferrari & Cigarini manufactures a wide range of machines for processing ceramic, marble, granite, agglomerates, brick and glass:
• Machines for multiple linear cutting with diamond discs.
• Edging machines for the production of skirting boards, stairs, no-slip, “bull-nose” and “half bull-nose”.
• Edge polishing machines.
• Squaring-bevelling machines.
• Automatic systems for assembling mosaic.
• Gluing machines.
• Dryers.
• Digital decoration.
• Systems for the handling of material.
• Automatic packaging equipment.
• Robotized systems for de-palletizing packs, the box removing and the palletization.

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