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March 3-6, 2020
Moscow, Crocus Expo, m. Myakinino




Ceramiche Brennero S.p.A.

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OUR GOAL: Our aim, since 1973, year where Ceramiche Brennero was established, was to realize high quality and design products always advanced creating a synthesis between modernity and tradition

INNOVATION IN THE NAME OF “ MADE IN ITALY” We have always worked with the aim to represent a “Made in Italy” market point of reference: we are convinced to explicate the so called “Italian factor”, a particular mix of creativity, art, handmade and taste- the result of thousands year of history characterized our country development and people who lived- picking up and often anticipating with our special Italian sensitivity. Up to date trends able to give birth to special and innovating projects.

OUR TEAM Our Staff, always headed by Mrs Anna Ruggi, is composed of young and dynamic people who are strong-willed and closing to each other, always cooperating and working in team in order to ahead times, both in terms of products and moral, social values, following a far away path from stereotypes and prejudices.

OUR ITEMS Each New collection embodies such characteristics which belong to the typical female world – creativity, imagination, energy, determination, sensitivity, courage and desire to impress – presenting strong colors, without giving up to the neutral ones, to be different on the market also when the main trend is the homologation or exasperated minimalism.

CONNECTION WITH THE COUNTRY Ceramiche Brennero rises in the heart of the Po valley, under the influence of the city of Mantova, center of art and culture, UNESCO city world patrimonial, head of the Italian Culture 2016. The town of the Gonzaga family represents for us an important source of motivation, of challenges and of constant updating thanks also to the presence of the Faculty of Architecture of the polytechnic of Milano. The company was born from the place and represents a tangible evidence of the old bond that, since the late Middle Ages, combining the Mantua-Po valley to the art of ceramics. We like to think that Ceramiche Brennero takes its own origins since, more than five hundred years ago, began the first ceramic production at the Gonzaga court, the educated and refined rulers of Mantova. At their court famous ceramists began to work and the called "universities" were born. They were specific associations addressed to the study and development of new production methods. Developed on an ancient path that was traced in origin by the ancient Romans arriving to the Danube area, the old Brennero road is today the highway near only a few dozen meters from the factory, witnessing the Ceramiche Brennero natural inclination to the Made in Italy exportation into the world, which every day seems to show where to go.

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