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Competition Batimat Inside 2016

Competition Batimat Inside 2016

BATIMAT INSIDE is a review contest of architecture and design projects of interior space. It announces a new season of hunting for the best architectural solutions in the field of design and designing of interiors.

BATIMAT INSIDE is hold for the third time. As usually projects and implemented projects of residential and public interiors are accepted for the contest.

This year the contest focuses on small areas of the living spaces, public interiors and design concepts for bathroom interiors.


  • Interior small apartment the interiors of Studio apartments, one- and two bedrooms apartments, and lofts.
  • Public interior in detail the interiors of offices, work areas, facilities leisure destination: kindergartens, schools, hospitals, shops, theatres, sports facilities, restaurants, etc.
  • The bathroom is a private area bathroom interiors in apartments, individual houses, commercial property and objects socially-cultural appointment.

In the new season: Russian and foreign (including the CIS countries) architects, artists-designers (designers) and students of specialized universities and faculties, as well as teams of authors will participate. The participation is free of charge.

The purpose of the contest:  selection and awarding authors of the best of residential and public interiors, as well as promote new ideas and technologies in the design of modern, ecological and high-tech spaces.

Valuable prizes from partners of the contest are waiting for the winners!