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The Skolkovo Foundation Event Program - Seminar: Innovative Engineering Solutions and Infrastructure

Программа Фонда Сколково

March 14, 2019

12:00 - 14:00

Stand of the Skolkovo Foundation, Hall 8

Free admission

Organizer: Skolkovo Foundation


  1. The Insolar Research Center: Heat Recuperation Valve and Hybrid Heat Pump Heating and Cooling Systems
  2. Cybernetic Technologies: SmartAirKey – Wireless Access Systems Using a Smartphone
  3. Qmodule Laboratory: Autonomous Maintenance Free Electronic Devices
  4. Moscow Factory of Thermal Automatics (MZTA Research and Development Center): Intelligent Building Automation Systems
  5. EcoLight: Spark Protection Device and Energy Efficient Lighting Systems
  6. Vacuum Developments: Vacuum Heat Generator with a Molecular Heat Transfer Mechanism
  7. LED-Effect: Energy Efficient LED Lighting
  8. SmartCity Bin: Smart ’Binology’ Trash Bin
  9. AIRTRON: Systems for Comfortable Microclimate
  10. Development of Complex Systems: Rubetek Smart Home Systems
  11. BONACA: Biotechnology for Equipment Cleaning

SmartAirkey – keyless entry system using a smartphone for parking, entrances and hotels with SmartAccess hands-free technology, which allows you to flexibly manage access using a convenient cloud service. Digital keys in the SmartAirkey mobile application allow a user's smartphone to establish a direct secure channel with mobile access controller via BLE, Bluetooth and WiFi protocols without using the Internet, and the doors and barrier gates open when the user approaches.

The Qmodule Laboratory is part of the Qmodule Group of Companies that develops and manufactures WIRELESS ONLINE building automation systems, including access control systems, security alarms, lighting and electrical appliances control, climate control equipment monitoring, etc. A unique product of Qmodule Group are autonomous wireless ELECTRONIC LOCKS able to control and manage intranet networks and mobile devices for a variety of applications – hotels, hostels, business centers, shopping centers, universities, fitness centers, hospitals, museums, etc.

The LED-Effect Company is a Russian manufacturer of energy-efficient LED lighting. The company has grown into one of the largest Russian developers and manufacturers of innovative LED equipment. High skill and constant striving for growth allowed LED-Effect to develop a large number of innovative LED devices for various facilities: housing and communal services, adjoining territories and streets, filling stations and parking lots, industrial enterprises, office buildings, schools and hospitals, warehouse terminals, retail premises, etc.

Rubetek smart home automation systems perform their tasks automatically without human involvement. Equipment for a smart home system begins with a smart home controller, or control center.