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Human-Like Design: Smart Home as a Holistic Product

Human-Like Design: Smart Home as a Holistic Product

March 13, 2019

11:00 - 12:00

SKOLKOVO Foundation Stand.
Hall 8. Pavilion 2.

Free admission

Organizers: Days of Industrial Design in Skolkovo’

Speaker: Irina Zhdanova – founder of ‘Masshtab’ Industrial Design Bureau


When you hear the phrase ‘smart home’, the first thing that crosses the mind is a bright warm image of home paradise. However, on closer examination, it turns out that the smart home today is an extensive list of electronic functions that, if you have desire and perseverance, can be installed, customized and used. Not exactly the same thing, right? How to make ‘smart’ systems work for a person and what do they have to do with design? We are waiting for the expert to answer these and other questions.

Key issues:

  • How to make a home out of programs and devices?
  • How to translate ‘home, sweet home’ into the language of a multifunction device?
  • What should a truly smart home be?

About the organizer: ‘Days of Industrial Design in Skolkovo’ is an international project uniting technology startups and industrial designers. The goal of the project is to create a communicational and educational platform for providing interaction between the consumer and the customer for implementation of the request for industrial design from Skolkovo residents. In 2019, ‘Days of Industrial Design’ will be held on June 27–29, and for the fourth time more than 1,500 designers, engineers, IT specialists, representatives of startups, students of specialized universities, urban intellectuals will gather at the Hypercube site in Skolkovo. www.design.sk.ru