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Conference “Housing Market and Project Financing: Whose Interests are Protected?”

The conference “Housing Market and Project Financing: Whose Interests are Protected?” will take place on Match 12 within the Construction Summit at BATIMAT RUSSIA 2019.

March 12, 2019

13:00 – 15:00

Free admission

Registration required

Organizer: Union of Manufacturers, Designers and Suppliers of Front Facade Systems ‘Facade Union’

Moderator: Mikhail Viktorov, Chairman of the Committee for Urban Development of the Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Chairman of the Council of SRO Soyuz MOOSS

The key points of discussion: 

  • How has the housing market changed since the transition to project financing and introduction?
  • Will developers be able to survive in new conditions and at what cost?
  • When will they stop to amend the law on shared housing construction?
  • How much will the cost of housing increase and will citizens be able to buy apartments in the same amount?
  • Is it realistic to fulfill the housing construction plans set in the National Project and is it necessary to build housing in such quantities?


  • Nikolay Nikolayev, State Duma member, Chairman of the Committee on Natural Resources, Property and Land Relations;
  • Mikhail Avdeev, State Duma member, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Transport and Construction;
  • Alexey Russkikh, Federation Council member representing the Moscow region, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy;
  • Anastasia Pyatova, Chairman of the Moscow City Committee for Ensuring the Implementation of Investment Projects in Construction and Control in the Field of Equity Construction;
  • Dmitry Kotrovsky, Business Ombudsman for Construction, Chairman of the Construction Committee of OPORA Russia;
  • representatives of companies – developers, banking community, employers associations, public organizations and industry communities.