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The Most Advanced. Innovative Materials and Technologies in Sustainable Construction and Manufacturing

The Most Advanced. Innovative Materials and Technologies in Sustainable Construction and Manufacturing

March 13, 2019

13:30 - 14:30

SKOLKOVO Foundation Stand.
Hall 8. Pavilion 2.

Free admission

Organizers: Days of Industrial Design in Skolkovo’

Moderator: Olga Guseva – Co-Chairman of the Expert Council on Innovation, Russian Managers and Developers Guild


Innovative materials and technologies are modern drivers and designers of fundamental changes in construction and manufacturing. With the invention of new features, systems, structures, surfaces, new industries and professions are emerging, financial flows are redistributed, cities are built and the space is conquered.

Key issues:

  • How new materials change the cover and qualities of the industrial sector? Key trends in creation of new materials and technologies in the field of sustainable development and industry. What will be relevant in 5, 10 years?
  • The impact of new technologies on engineering and design solutions.
  • Who needs new materials and technologies in construction and production today? Who is the customer for innovation today?
  • Design of the industrial chain in the field of inventions: from idea to implementation. Marketing innovation: how to promote something new?


  • Igor Safronov – industrial designer and engineer, MA / McS Innovation Design Engineering
  • Dmitry Berezutsky – founder of GreenStroy Association, creator of LegoDom project
  • Mikhail Krapivnoy – General Director of Man & Technologies lab Engineering & Design Bureau
  • PHOTOTECH Company expert
  • SUPEROX Company expert

* Please, note that the program may change

About the organizer: ‘Days of Industrial Design in Skolkovo’ is an international project uniting technology startups and industrial designers. The goal of the project is to create a communicational and educational platform for providing interaction between the consumer and the customer for implementation of the request for industrial design from Skolkovo residents. In 2019, ‘Days of Industrial Design’ will be held on June 27–29, and for the fourth time more than 1,500 designers, engineers, IT specialists, representatives of startups, students of specialized universities, urban intellectuals will gather at the Hypercube site in Skolkovo. www.design.sk.ru