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Plenary session: Development Strategy of the Construction Industry of the Russian Federation until 2030, the results of 2019 and the main tasks for 2020

Business Program 2020 BCS

March 3, 2020

12:00 - 13:30

Pavillion 2, Conference Hall L

Free admission

Organizers: Builders of Russia Union, NOSTROI

Moderator: Basin E.V., Chairman of the Committee on Entrepreneurship in the Construction Industry of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Vice President of the Builders of Russia Union.

Speakers: Yakovlev V.A. (Builders of Russia Union), Shamuzafarov A.Sh. (Association of General Contractors in Construction), Volkov D.A. (Ministry of Construction of Russia), Glushkov A.N. (NOSTROI), Antosenko O.D. (Mosgosstroynadzor), representatives of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Federal Council of the Russian Federation, DOM.RF.

The main topics for discussion: Acute issues of the construction complex of Russia will be examined. Participants will discuss how the adoption of the Strategy will affect the work of the construction industry members. Can companies develop in the new environment? When will the amendment of legislative acts be completed? Is it realistic to fulfill the construction plans specified in the National Projects, and what is needed to implement the Strategy?

Invited to participate: builders, contractors, project designers, specialists in regulation and self-regulation, insurance, labor protection, housing, civil engineering, industrial construction and financial instruments of the construction market, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of materials and technologies.

Basin E.V. (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Yakovlev V.A. (Builders of Russia Union)

Shamuzafarov A.Sh. (Association of General Contractors in Construction)

Volkov D.A. (Ministry of Construction of Russia)

Glushkov A.N. (NOSTROI)

Antosenko O.D. (Mosgosstroynadzor)