Construction materials and equipment

«Building materials and equipment» is specialized thematic exposition of the BATIMAT RUSSIA exhibition. There will be the stands of the leading construction companies demonstrating the latest technologies in the field of capital construction and external finish of buildings on the exposure..

«Building materials and equipment» exposition will provide materials and equipment for all stages of construction - from foundation work to external and internal finish.
Russian and foreign experts, representatives of wholesale and retail companies, heads of construction companies, purchasers of specialized retail stores, architects and planners will become the exposure visitors.  

Thematic directions of «Building materials and equipment» exposition:  

  • сoncrete, reinforced concrete, steel structures and systems in construction
  • brick
  • building blocks
  • equipment for the production of bricks
  • lumber
  • insulation materials
  • ventilated facades
  • roofing
  • drainage systems
  • siding
  • dry construction mixtures
  • construction chemicals
  • scaffold
  • tools  
  • fixture